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Why do bad things happen to good people?

If God is all about love, why is there so much evil in the world?

And There Was War has the answers…

The Play

And There Was War is a contemporary theatre production based on the Bible verse Revelation 12:7 and is about Good Vs. Evil.  Perceived through the eyes of faithful and fallen angels, the play presents how sin entered the world through the selfish ambition and pride of the angel Lucifer and the effects this has had on mankind, It shows the Creators plan of redemption to deal with  all the bad there is in the world and shows that ultimately good overcomes evil.  

Exploring famous stories such as Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel. Mary & Joseph and Noah’s Ark, we creatively interweave these stories with the story of the angels and present the spiritual dilemma humankind is faced with.  Whose Side Should I Choose?    

At the end of every production the audience are empowered to ask life’s most important question. “Whose voice will you listen to ?” 

“Whose side will you choose?”



And There Was War can be seen around the Christmas and Easter periods.

Dates for the Easter period will be released shortly.


“It was very touching. Even though I’m 13, I cried
because you made me realise the love God actually
has for me and now I’m planning on being baptised."


"And There Was War not only presents a compelling
rationale for the presence of evil but highlights the comfort of a constant source of help in Jesus and an eternal hope in a God of love. This is a great production for family and friends that will generate
reflection long after the cast have taken their bows."

Pastor Les Ackie

“My faith in God has increased and I’m determined
to not waver in my decision to stand for Christ.
Thank you for helping to open the hearts of my
family and friends. Thank you for this powerful
ministry. ”

Serena  Pascall

"I have been totally touched by this performance. It makes you realise the power of love… EXTRAORDINARY!.”

Premier Gospel Radio

"The production was excellent, gripping and awesome. You have demonstrated that even though we all cannot preach, there are other effective ways of communicating the gospel in a non-threatening relaxed atmosphere. You were able to tell the story of the Great Controversy in such a powerful manner that anyone could clearly capture the story in such a vivid fashion."

Dr Emmanuel Osei, SEC President

"I was overwhelmed with the powerful reaction emotionally that I experienced. As each scene unfolded, the characters sprang from scripture and came to life in front of me.”

Pam Lister, Gospel Recording Artist

“Excellent production! Really graphically dramatized. The decline and fall of Satan visually explained. Great job!”

Joanne Forbes

“Your depiction of the Great Controversy touched my 6 year old son. Every day now, in his prayers, he says “I choose you, Jesus”. Even when he is making every day decisions he is conscious that he has to choose to do right. Your ministry breaks age, race and language! And I thank God for you and your family. Continue to let Him use you”

Karen Satchwell

"AMAZING! It has just confirmed that I want to further my relationship with God and take being a Christian more seriously. Thank you"

Rebecca Collins

“There is not much in the way of wholesome inspiration for young people in this day and age, Jermaine has managed to portray the controversy between good and evil to today’s generation in a real and potentially life changing way. One of the best productions to come out of the UK.”

Chris Brooks (Brooks & the company)

“I was truly blown away, the bible, spirit of prophecy truly came alive,watching the battle between good and evil really blew my mind, and I have to say this, I was ministered to today"

Pastor Anthony Fuller, Youth Director

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