And There Was War Stage-Play began in 2011 and was Written and Directed by Jermaine Wong.

And There Was War

And There Was War (ATWW) is one arm of
the Final Call Productions (FCP) ministries, it is a stage-play that has developed in
outreach ministry as it has grown in popularity.

ATWW is more than just a play though, it not only explores the reasons and affects of the fall of mankind but it has also become an effective resource for providing a deeper
understanding of Christ’s sacrifice and love.

Seniors, adults, youth, teens and young
children have all praised ATWW for its visual and relevant depictions of familiar bible stories that provide powerful insight into the spiritual warfare and the great controversy between good and evil.

The Story

The And There Was War story starts at Creation, where harmony was in Heaven  with Immanuel and his angels. We see how Lucifer, Immanuel’s bright star felt it necessary to try and overthrow the throne  and be like God and how he convinces a third of the angels to join him as he starts war in Heaven and then proceeds to try and destroy mankind, Immanuels created masterpieces.

On Earth we follow the emotional challenges of a pregnant Mary and her husband Joseph, we encounter a tempted Eve and a heartbroken Adam; we watch the fatal rivalry of brothers Cain and Abel; and behold the last-day faith of Noah. Audiences find themselves being brought to tears by the brutality and sacrificial love of a crucified Saviour.

All of these famous stories are theatrically interwoven to tell an inspiring story of temptation, conflict, sacrifice, faith, eternal love, and ultimately, victory.

who is atww for?

And There Was War has something for everyone! Our cast has a mix of faiths, races, cultures, abilities and ages so many are represented on our stage!

ATWW is for;

  • Theatre lovers and those who love story-telling using performing arts. And There Was War uses theatrical music, contemporary movenent pieces (dance) and well-performed drama and script-writing to tell an amazing story that will tantilise many senses!
  • Families with children (we suggest age 5 and above),  love the superhero type element of the good angels vs the bad angels with the good guys winning! Teens and Youth who are seeking a better understanding of  well-known bible stories that they can actually relate to and connect with visually and emotionally.
  • Beleivers and those who are in touch with their spiritual side who want to attend events that they can connect with, that relate to what they believe.
  • Unchurched but curious, searching for something or a desire to understand the gospel better.
  • Other faiths or non-believers who are simply looking for inspirational entertainment which brings hope and shares a message of Love that leaves you with a feel-good factor!


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