And There Was War Stage-Play began in 2011 and was Written and Directed by Jermaine Wong.

jermaine Wong

Writer & Director of And There Was War.

“The world always seems brighter when you just made something that wasn’t there before.” AUTHOR NEIL GAIMAN

The Inciting Incident of my creative journey began when the credits rolled at the end of Back to the Future. Many years and very possibly a few hundred views of BTTF later my creative journey continues.

In 2008 I started working as the Head of Drama at Archbishop Tenison’s Secondary School.  In 2011 I founded Final Call Productions, which is a theatre and film production company. Our flagship production And There Was War (ATWW) was first put on as a One-Act Play in South London but has since developed into a full-length production with sold out performances at the Albany Theatre , Stratford Circus Arts Centre, The Crescent Theatre Birmingham, The Bernie Grants Arts Centre and The Broadway Theatre Catford amongst others, our last performance of ATWW was in 2019.

In 2015 I received my Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre & Drama Studies and also received the 2015 Harold & Jean Brooks Prize at Birkbeck University for excelling in my studies.

In 2017 I wrote, directed and produced a Spoken Word short film called No Poetry that has won a combination of nine awards including the prestigious 2018 International Christian Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay.

After taking a 2 year break from And There Was War we’re back giving my baby a new lease of life again but this time with a vision for the future, a vision placed there by God to take this particular message of love and hope and take it as far and wide as possible. our aim at Final Call Productions is to Inspire, Engage, Encorage & Inform and with ATWW we plan to do just that!

Husband & wife team

Jermaine runs Final Call Productions alongside his wife Danielle Wong.

Final Call Productions is a Theatre, Film and Poetry production company run by husband and wife Jermaine & Danielle Wong. As a husband and wife team, this partnership works like a dream! Jermaine is focused on the creating elements of the business, writing, filming, working with the actors, performing, whilst Danielle works behind the scenes managing, organising, planning and dealing with the business side of things.

The couple believe that they were brought together for the purpose of ministry and working together to share the love of God in this unique and creative way. 

They are blessed to have a family of 4 children and so as you can imagine are an extremely busy pair!

Danielle Wong

Producer of And There Was War.

Danielle didn’t start off in the Theatre & Film business and actually her career and training is in Nursing, however what started off as initially supporting her husband in his business has actually turned into what she sees as walking in her purpose.

When Danielle was young she had a strong desire to want to be involved in Drama but didn’t pursue this dream. She of course has many opportunities to act with FCP now being married to a writer/director, but is much more comfortable and has found more joy from being the person that brings together all the elements needed to produce an amazing event, show or film.

“And There Was War is an absolutely amazing story and piece of theatre that does much more than entertain. The reason why we do what we do despite the challenges is the outstanding feedback that we get from those who experience the play, whether that be actors, the team or audiences who watch it. We are all on a journey and wherever you are as a believer on your journey, And There Was War has the capacity to plant a seed, open your heart and mind to the love of God, cement your belief or make that decision for Him, either way, young or old, this play is for you!”


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fcp team

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