About FCP

Inspire, Engage, Encourage and Inform 


Find out about the production company behind And There Was War.

Final Call Productions (FCP) is a multi-award winning faith-based Theatre & Film production Company founded and run by Jermaine Wong and his wife Danielle Wong.


To inspire, inform, engage and
encourage souls to deepen and develop
their relationship with Jesus Christ using
the medium of Theatre, Film and Poetry.

Theatre and Film has long been an excellent and effective tool for mirroring society, conveying information, creating an environment for positive changes in attitude and mindsets and for having an emotional impact that resonates long after the performance has finished.

Final Call Productions also provide an opportunity for communities, children, teens, youth and adults to engage with the Gospel through quality artistic performances and thus promote the message of God’s kingdom.

We use drama and spoken word poetry to raise awareness of the joy and importance of personally knowing God.

Vision & Values


It is our aim to provide an opportunity for the public to engage, participate and benefit from the arts in a way that positively affects their worldview and open avenues to develop their relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Our vision is to employ theatre, film and poetry as a ministry tools to inspire and encourage hope. We aim to move participants and audience members to consider developing a relationship with Christ and the benefits of being faithful to Jesus.


We believe that love for God and love for others is the highest standard of right being. We seek to promote this value at every stage of our production processes.


When elaborating biblical narrative productions, we may use creative licence for the purposes of storytelling but will always studiously endeavour to remain truthful to the biblical text.


We believe that faith is the hand that receives every good thing that comes from God. Every idea, every written line of dialogue, every spoken verse, all direction. ALL inspiration comes from Him.

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