Learn about the history of how And There Was War began and the journey it has been on!


The And There Was War story is taken from a book of skits and plays by the Scriptwriter Scott Fogg called Power Skits for Youth and Young Adults. It’s a book of 25 short scenes with the intention for youth or church groups to use drama to present faith-awakening and disciple-making presentations.

In the book the skit And There Was War  is presented as a short five scene skit that presents the initial conversations in heaven between the angels that we see in the production. With permission from Scott Fogg Jermaine turned the skit into a 1 act play and presented it at his Church in 2011.



And There Was War started off as a one-act play which was performed in a hall in Kennington Oval, South London, with a group of friends from Jermaine’s church Kennington Community Fellowship.



After such outstanding feedback Jermaine decided to write a 2nd act to the play and upgraded the location. And There Was War was performed in a Theatre for the first time at The Albany over 2 nights and was a sell-out success!



FCP was invited to take And There Was War to an annual church conference in Camber Sands and performed to hundreds of adults, teens and childrens.



The And There Was War script was updated and the production levels raised as FCP took the play back to the big stage. Four performances over the Bank Holiday Easter weekend was a huge success!



After such amazing feedback and testimonies of life-changing decisions, And There Was War  hit the stage again in 2017, it started off in Birmingham Crescent Theatre and then back in London for a sell-out show at the Bernie Grants Arts Centre.



FCP took a break from Theatre and worked on some film projects and started a poetry event but  Jermaine & Danielle felt God telling them to bring back And There Was War in a big way. So after a 2 year break, it’s back, starting at The Broadway Theatre in Catford.

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