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When people come and see ATWW we want them to leave feeling inspired and hopeful but our wish is that it sparks more than just a pleasant feeling but that it inspires them to action. What action, depends on the individual’s personal journey. Some examples of what people have told us after seeing ATWW;

  • A young man in his 20s said the “man dem on the street need to see this play, it answers questions young people have about life, why bad things happen, questions about God”
  • One man decided to leave the gang he was a part of and “choose good over bad”. He made a decision to choose Christ that night.
  • Others were inspired to take their walk with God more seriously.
  • An agnostic woman said she is now considering God for the first time.
  • Many people, including some teenagers, have been inspired to get baptised.
  • Many people have told us that they were suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, struggling with various mental health problems but after seeing ATWW left with hope, with encouragement, with a feeling of being able to manage.
  • Others have told us they have been encouraged to want to use their own talents in creative ways to do good.


ATWW provides a relevant message of God’s love, it makes the Gospel accessible for a postmodern culture and for those that aren’t interested in church or religion it makes spiritual truths discernible for a secular society. Christians, Catholics, Muslims, even atheists have all taken something positive away from seeing this play so we know that what we are doing has the possibility of touching many hearts. For this reason we at FCP are fully committed and have made advancements to commit to this project and others fulltime so that we are in the position to go when the opportunity arises.

“A beautiful play, powerful play, inspirational play and the potential for this could literally change the game of how we do church, discipleship and evangelism. The Wong family and their vision for ministry is sky’s the limit.”

Pastor Anthony Fuller

Youth Director, South England Conference

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Through the power of the Holy Spirit and your support we believe Final Call Productions and And There Was War will reach the hearts and souls of many. However professional Theatre productions of this standard are very costly. We depend on generous donations and regular givers to keep ATWW going, plus we have been given a vision and strong desire to take it across the UK and worldwide. With your love and support, we could make this happen, together!

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